No One Strategy Fits Everyone

Total Care Wealth Group provides individualized strategies

Total Care Wealth Management

Managed Money Can Help You Succeed!

Total care wealth management group was started by John Smith. It has been serving the North Carolina area for over 30 years since 1990. They offer wealth management, retirement planning, life insurance planning.

Total Care Wealth Management

We Are Driven Toward The Following Goals


The Difference

Get the help you need in your Money matters because your Money matters!

All the advice you need on taxes, investments, college savings account, and a lot more! Get financial and investment advice, estate planning, and get all your wealth managed on a single end.
Get Life insurance to keep your loved ones financially stable through your life insurances. Leave your family with a nontaxable amount by having life insurance for yourself. Help them maintain the quality of life after you.
Are you worried about your retirement? Don’t be anymore! Your retirement plans will help you not run out of money after you get retired. Let’s plan and calculate the rates of return you are going to need for your investments, the risks, and the income you can withdraw.
We will handle all your financial assets and other investments and not only will deal with buying and selling of them. We will devise long and short-term strategies to acquire portfolio holdings.